China Suzhou International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition

With the development of modern food industry, food additives have developed rapidly. At present, more than 25000 kinds of food additives have been developed all over the world. The main varieties include food anti-corrosion antioxidant, flavoring agent, emulsion thickener, sour agent, sweetener, quality improver, enzyme preparation, food colorant, edible flavor, nutritional enhancer, etc., which have become medicine After agricultural chemicals and feed additives, the fourth category of fine chemical industry has attracted much attention.

The prosperity of the food industry drives the development of food additives. It is estimated that the total annual growth rate of international food additives sales in the next five years will be about 2.5 ~ 4%, and the market scale is expected to reach 300 billion yuan. In order to better promote the healthy and green development of the food additives industry, With the support of competent departments and units, "2021 China Suzhou international food additives and Ingredients Exhibition" will be grandly held in Suzhou radio and Television International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 28 to 30, 2021! The exhibition area of the conference is expected to reach 30000 square meters, and 500 brand enterprises in foreign, domestic and various regions will participate in the exhibition. It covers the upstream and downstream enterprises of food additives and ingredients all over the world.

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