Flake calcium chloride
Flake calcium chloride
Flake calcium chloride

Flake calcium chloride

Colorless cubic crystal.

General commodities are white flake or granular.

Odorless and slightly bitter.

Hygroscopicity is stronger than that in air, and it is easy to deliquesce. It is easy to dissolve in water and release a lot of heat at the same time. Its aqueous solution is slightly acidic. Soluble in alcohol, acetone and acetic acid. With ammonia or ethanol, CaCl28NH3 and CaCl2 · 4c2H5OH complexes were formed respectively.

Main uses of calcium chloride:

(1) Chemical industry, raw inorganic chemical raw materials and sulfate remover.

(2) Refrigeration industry is used for refrigeration, cooling solution and gas and liquid drying medium in process, and for air conditioning system.

(3) Early strength agent in construction industry, improve concrete strength and produce coagulant for coating.

(4) Deinking of additives and waste paper in paper industry.

(5) And ferrous metallurgical industry as chlorinating agent and additive.

(6) Latex coagulant in rubber industry.

(7) oil drilling, drilling fluid, completion fluid

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 White flake

Calcium chloride (CaCI2)  % ≥


Alkalinity (calculated as Ca (OH) 2% ≤


Total alkali metal chloride (calculated by NaCI)% ≤


 Water incompatibility% ≤


 Iron (FE)% ≤


Total magnesium (calculated by MgCI2)% ≤


Sulfate (CaSO4)% ≤


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