Granular calcium chloride
Granular calcium chloride
Granular calcium chloride
Granular calcium chloride

Granular calcium chloride

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Calcium chloride is a kind of chemical substance composed of chlorine and calcium.

The chemical formula is CaCl2, slightly bitter. It is a typical ionic halide, which is white, hard fragments or particles at room temperature.


1. Snow removal in winter such as roads, highways, parking lots, airports, golf courses, etc;

2. Oil diling, drilling working fluid, completion fluid, petrochemical dehydration liquid;

3. Dust, coal dust and mineral dust shall be prevented;

4.The construction industry early strength agent, improve the concrete strength, production of the coating coagulant;

5. Keywords desiccant for moisture-proof; drying medium for gas and liquid in process;

6. Rubber industry latex coagulant;

7. Chlorinators and additives in ferrous metallurgy industry;

8. Deinking of paper industry additives and waste paper,;

9. Inorganic chemical raw materials and sulfate removal agents, coagulant of sodium alginate in chemical industry;

10. Refrigeration industry is used for refrigeration;

11. It is used for rot and preservative of wheat, apple, cabbage and other foods;

12. It is used in the production of dyestuff and printing and dyeing industry.


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